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"Well, it hasn’t happened yet."

A deleted scene from Silver Nemesis - season 25 - 1988

did they hire ppl to make a portrait of sophie aldred and then scrap the scene??

As far as I know, the scene exists in the extended version of the serial (I’ve only seen broadcast versions,) and the portrait is given an actual origin in the New Adventures novel “Set Piece,” as I recall.

I already reblogged this once, but I thought for fun I’d pop it up with every reference snap I’ve found of Sophie in the French dress.

I remember this being in the version I watched.




Yes but how do I know that you’re dating me for my heart and not for my international criminal empire

Because your international criminal empire is what you do, and not who you are.

That is so sweet I might just stab someone


I started with a sword fight between these two and I don’t know why, that drawing turned into this. ahahahah Well…I know why, god they’re Delgado!Master and Three! ç___ç They are LOVE and everything! YvY
My favorite Master/Doctor ship <3


I started with a sword fight between these two and I don’t know why, that drawing turned into this. ahahahah Well…I know why, god they’re Delgado!Master and Three! ç___ç They are LOVE and everything! YvY

My favorite Master/Doctor ship <3

The Painted Bat


The Painted Bat (Kerivoula picta):

  • Live solitary or in small groups
  • Eat insects
  • Usually roost in hollow trees, dry leaves, or vines
  • Found in Asia
  • Most importantly, look at how beautiful they are:




Even if I’d never heard of In the Loop or The Thick of It, I would always remember Chris Addison from this brief, but highly memorable exchange with Tom Baker, during Tom’s hosting gig on Have I Got News for You in October 2008.

This was actually the first thing I ever saw Chris Addison in and I did just about fall out of my chair at the age reveal for, I think, obvious reasons.  I had no idea then about Chris’s agelessness — which I can only assume is connected with some sort of attic portrait dealie. 


no but galaxy quest is legitimately the best movie ever

  • it’s a love letter to fandom — it totally subverts the “gross man-child in the basement” perception of a fanboy and it’s the fans’ dedication to the show that saves the day
  • i repeat: the fandom saves everyone’s lives
  • the omega-13 is such a cool idea like it tosses out the paradoxes involved in time travel by so sharply limiting the amount of time you can go back: it only gives you enough time to undo one terrible mistake, and only if it’s so bad and so huge that you realize immediately how bad it is
  • like no this is a parody movie but it has a smarter plot and more interesting characters and more genuine emotion than like ninety percent of serious sci-fi movies
  • tony shaloub spends the whole movie high as balls
  • the aliens are actually, you know, aliens and the reason they look human and speak english is actually addressed and justified
  • it’s absolutely hysterical like guy fleegman is one of the funniest characters ever filmed i just
  • alan rickman gives me life
  • the hero that comes in at the last second to save the ship and the thermians and the whole crew is a teenage fanboy who succeeds because he’s a fan do you understand how amazing that is like patrick stewart initially refused to watch the movie because it looked like it would be cruel to the fans but then he was almost in tears when he actually saw it because it got fandom right and it’s all about the fans
  • no but the whole plot is centered around people (and aliens) being inspired by fictional heroes and believing in them and using that belief to give them strength and hope and going to great lengths to create amazing things or work up beautiful, accurate theories out of nothing more than love that’s amazing
  • this movie is freaking perfect okay
  • freaking
  • perfect
I’m going to talk about bird AU to distract myself

So, imagine that Three and Delgado!Master are birds at a zoo.

The Doctor:

the Master:

(that’s a Great Grey Owl btw)

The Doctor walks around freely and his favourite food is stolen sandwiches. Least favourite food being the more or less dead animals the Master keeps trying to give him. Liz Shaw used to be his favourite, and when she left he was very grumpy for a while until Jo, the new internship, managed to get on his good side (with sandwiches ofc)

The Master is SUPPOSED to be caged but keeps escaping and flying around the zoo area and looking smug. Once, Mike Yates almost got an eye clawed out while trying to catch him, and swore very colourfully in front a group of schoolchildren, his face bleeding copiously. The children thought it was the coolest thing ever. Manager Lethbridge-Stewart was less amused.


aaand I’ve done all the reading (with notes since I was too nervous to ask to use the printer to print out the texts we’re discussing tomorrow) and now I feel drained, stressed about job applications I once again have no energy for and my stomach hurts from lack of food but I have no appetite.

guess I’ll go take a shower.